About Us

What inspires us?

The lack of access to healthcare services can amplify inequalities that result from differences in health status. These differences in health status can ultimately have a very negative impact in one’s ability to achieve their financial goals. These inequities negatively impact Haitian-American communities and other mid and low income communities, by amplifying the economic divide. We are determined to play a role in the world by delivering innovative solutions to provide access to affordable healthcare and ultimately reduce health and economic disparities.

How we do it

We build win-win relationships with various actors in the community to bring high value healthcare solutions.

How we started

Our parent company Compagnie d’Assurance d’Haiti was the pioneer of health insurance in Haiti. We extended our influence in the heath insurance industry to healthcare by running HMO Clinics in Haiti to provide affordable healthcare solutions to our insured for the over 30 Years. With over 2 million Haitians living in the US, a large segment of which is underserved when it comes to healthcare services, we have decided to bring innovative solutions tailored to the needs of the Haitian-American community.


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