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Top  5 Reasons You Should Offer Your Team A Discount Plan

1. Healthy employees are less absent from work

As an employer, especially a small business, you depend on your team to provide excellent customer service. When employees are repeatedly absent for health reasons, your customers suffer, and ultimately your business suffers. Our Discount Plans are a great way to ensure your employees get the care that they need at an affordable price. No more absences sounds good!

2. Healthy employees are more productive

Our team’s ability to be productive during their work hours is essential to your success. An unhealthy employee may not have the same level of energy as a health employee does and consequently is operating at a fraction of his capacity. I am ready to support my team!

3. Increases employee satisfaction

Many employees count on their employers to provide a solution to access healthcare services. Although the cost of health insurance may be prohibitive for your small, you can offer your employees a solution to ensure they get the care they need for them and their loved ones. Lets make my team happier!

4. Shows their employer care about their well being

When employers cannot offer traditional health insurance plans to their employees and offer no alternative, employees may misinterpret this to believe that the employer does not care about their well-being. By offering a discount plan to your team, a plan which emphasizes preventative care, we show that we care. I care, I want more information!

5. May help you reduce health insurance costs

You may be looking for a way to reduce your health insurance cost. Increase your employees deductible and adding a Discount Plan to their coverage will help you achieve this objective. This is good for my budget! Let’s talk.


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