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Why is dental health important.

Dental & Vision

starting at
$ 19
  • This plan includes our dental, vision and pharmacy benefits. This is a great add on to your existing medical insurance that does not offer this coverage.
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Pharmacy
Haitian Pediatricians Broward


starting at
$ 39
  • This plan includes our medical, dental, vision and pharmacy benefits. Providing access to the highest quality of care and to our exclusive network.
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Pharmacy
Cheap Health Insurance Broward


starting at
$ 24
  • This plan gives you access to a dedicated team that will assist in negotiating all your hospitalization bills, in order to reduce your balance. It is a great add to your Medical Plan..
  • Hospital
  • Advocates

Are you one of the +3 million Floridians with no health insurance?

Now you and your family can minimize your out of medical expenses with MultiMed-USA Discount Plan! We have put together a very comprehensive network of Physicians, Specialists, Dental and Vision providers, prescriptions, labs… all at prices you can afford!

You don’t have to worry about an insurance claim getting denied after receiving a medical service because DPO’s do not involve claims involved here. With your Multimed USA card, you get access to your discount and never get denied!

Work at Home and Stay Healthy
Haitian OBGYN Miami - Multimed-USA

Discounted Medical Services Available

Multimed-USA gives members access to the most common and in-demand medical service providers. These services include:

Multimed-USA screens and approves all our medical partners to ensure they deliver the best quality services to our members. You won’t have to visit any doctor outside our network to satisfy your standard medical needs. Everything you need is available right through our network. We make it easy and affordable to access both standard and specialized treatment.

About the Membership

It doesn’t matter if you have preexisting conditions or a history of illnesses. Our doctors charge discounted rates to all their patients, regardless of their medical history!

Signing up is easy! Just click here and get enrolled in less than 5 minutes! Start using your membership immediately.


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